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Kim Tran-Flores - The Launch Gals
Kim Tran-Flores - The Launch Gals

"As a mother, don't neglect your passions - you can take time out, but don't forget about it completely. Start small, do a few minutes to get yourself back into the flow of things" - Kim Tran-Flores

Kim Tran-Flores - The Launch Gals

The Modern Calligraphy Queen, Kim Tran-Flores talks about being mindful, making time for yourself, being a mother and always coming back to your passions.


Q:You turn beautiful words into lettering art with your modern calligraphy, how did you begin this mindful practice?

A: One night I came across a brush letterer who was lettering the word ’music’ and I became instantly hooked. My late grandfather, a sign writer and Chinese Calligrapher also inspires me to continue.

Q: One of the things I love about you is that you continuously encourage women to take time for themselves. Can you explain why ‘me time’ is a must?

Growing up, I took on a lot of responsibilities because I felt it was my role as the "big sister" or the "eldest daughter" in my family. So naturally, I became known in my family and close friends as "the reliable one".

I ended up becoming frustrated, I didn't value my own time so I learned how important it is to have me time because it puts me in a better position to help others.

q: Do you have any habits or practices that you make time for each day in order to maintain a positive mindset?

A: Making the bed for me was always a must, a made bed for me was a beautiful sight and it’s also great to start the morning with a completed task even if it's a small one.

Lately, I really enjoy breastfeeding my baby son and I'm filled with gratitude every time I see him first thing in the morning.

Q: You recently became a Mum (big congratulations), any tips on how to keep pursuing your passions while juggling motherhood?

Thank you! From my personal experience my tips would be -

  1. Focus on less things - it's okay to take time out from your main passions. I put pressure on myself to do calligraphy and attend to my baby at the same time. But with being a new Mum, you have to let go for a while and soon after you'll be itching to get back to it

  2. Don't neglect your passions - you can take time out, but don't forget about it completely. Start small, do a few minutes to get yourself back into the flow of things

  3. Find people who can help out - I'm fortunate to have my family to help out. If you have that take advantage of it! The more help the better

  4. Expect that it's not going to be easy - you have to be accepting that it's going to be challenging. When you do, the journey becomes more enjoyable because you just allow things to happen

q: On another note, you are a big advocate for all things cruelty free and environmentally friendly. Why is it so important to create this type of lifestyle for you and your family?

A: First of all we have two Cavoodles we love dearly. I am big believer in having compassion for animals, it's not right for animals to be tortured for our beauty or entertainment needs.

Second, my hubby and I became aware that a lot of our home products have so much chemicals that we're literally poisoning our bodies. Now, we do our best to only purchase natural, organic products like shampoo, conditioner, hair styling products, detergent, toothpastes, etc.

Third, we've become quite minimalistic - it's amazing to get rid of stuff you actually don't need and that doesn't add much value. Minimalism gives you so much time back.

Fourth, since we're growing a family we want our kids to have a great environment to live in.

q: The Launch Gals is a movement that encourages women who want more, to find it or create it for themselves, what would you say to the women who may be scared to take that next step?

A: The biggest fear is the fear of failure and the unknown.

Whenever I need to decide if I should try sometime or to take the next step but am hesitant to, I asked myself, ‘If you were gone tomorrow and you didn’t give this a go would you regret it?’. Personally for me I know I would regret not trying something more than I would regret trying it and failing.

People tend to hate to use the world failure, failure is seen as a bad word but really to me failure is a part of life it’s necessary for us to improve, failures are lessons that we use to improve ourselves and our business

Just for a bit of fun!

Q: When I face a big challenge…

A: Freak out a little, procrastinate, then put on my big girl pants, settle the ‘F’ down and sort it out.

Q: The most courageous thing I’ve ever done as a woman is…

A: Become a mother! It may be natural, but it’s scary as hell. The endless blood tests, labour pains, having a little watermelon come out with you and don’t even get me started on breastfeeding

Q: The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is…

A:  Be accountable for yourself, your life but especially your emotions. Thanks hubby!

Q: My BGP (best gal pal!) would describe me as…

A: I don’t think I am allowed to use the words haha. I’m going to pretend I have nice friends who describe me as an overthinking but chilled out creative.

Q: My favorite girl crush is… because…

A: Emma Watson because of Harry Potter, but mostly because she is a UN Ambassador for women's rights.

Q: My go-to beverage order is…

A: Tea but also Madame Dry's Sparkling Rose or Lavender Water (yes I am obsessed)

Q: One book I’ve read that I’ve considered life changing is…

A: The subtle Art of not giving a f**k by Mark Manson

Q: My favorite quote is…

A: “How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you” -  Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey


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