5 reasons why YOU should be going to the Launch Gals conference!

5 reasons why

I’m sure this is something you’ve heard many times, but investing in you is SO important. And I am not talking about designer shoes here (although, they would be nice as well), I’m talking about investing in your own personal and professional development.


When you invest in yourself, you are acknowledging the value that you see in YOU. You give  yourself permission to explore the potential you possess and on top of that, its allows you to take stepping stones towards personal and professional growth.

It really is the perfect example of self-love! In order for us to be able to best help those around us, we have to look after ourselves first. Otherwise, we aren't doing anything to the best of our abilities and in fact, we may be having less of an impact on those around us.  

So right here, right now, I’m talking about biting the bullet and stepping out of your comfort zone to attend The Launch Gal’s conference where you will be motivated, inspired and encouraged to take that next step forward in your journey.

Yes, we are all on different paths and travelling different roads, but, we are united by wanting more for ourselves and more for each other.

SO, here we go, the Top 5 reasons why YOU should be going to the Launch Gals conference:


1. Build new and meaningful relationships

Imagine this, you are surrounded by the positive buzz of like minded individuals who are ready to make new, meaningful relationships - that is what the Launch Gals is all about!  There is so much power in women supporting each other and in fact, we know that at our events, women connect with one another in a way that allows them to resonate with experiences and more importantly, create authentic friendships. When this happens, it  allows us all to launch into the next chapter of our stories. As you listen to those around you and in turn, speak your truth, you allow for your personal network to expand and your authentic relationships to grow.


2. Feel the life changing impact of storytelling

It’s not only about meeting people and hearing the stories of others, but one of the biggest factors is actually opening up and SHARING your story: who you are, what you do and the journey you have taken thus far. Why? Because your story matters… YOU MATTER!

Also, you never know who you can impact with your words and experiences. Trust me when I say, you will be surprised at how many people will look at you for inspiration, advice and guidance. Storytelling is what helps us link arms as sisters and walk through life feeling positively empowered!


3. Feed your mind with knowledge and new ideas

Learning is always key and by going to a Launch Gal event, you are bound to increase your knowledge just by chatting to the other women that are with you in the room. Along with this, our guest speakers have all had their fair share of ups and downs on their journey towards success. You never know how much of that you can actually relate to and be inspired by. Constantly learning and improving on your knowledge, skill and personal development is key to your overall growth. Along with this if you are someone that is being sent to the event by a boss, it is the perfect opportunity to be re inspired and to bring back fresh ideas to your office.


4. Surround yourself with new opportunities

The Launch Gals will encourage you to break out of your comfort zone, which is SO CRITICAL! Because the second you break free from that comfortable place, the magic happens -  ALWAYS! The more like minded people you start to surround yourself with, the more opportunities will start to appear. With that said, TLG not only puts fabulous speakers in front of you, but you’re actually given the opportunity to meet these women face to face through our VIP parties. It’s not often that you get the opportunity to actually sit down, one on one, and pick the brains of these empowering women. When you surround yourself with these types of opportunities, often it helps to clarify our personal and professional plans.


5. To have FUN!

Ok, this has to be my favorite and the most important of them all. These types of networking events, or feel good conferences are genuinely FUN! We sometimes walk in a bit apprehensive and even nervous, but we ALWAYS walk out so excited for our futures and filled to the brim with positivity. There really is nothing like the excited buzz that rings around our bodies after playing all out at a networking event.

So, are you a dreamer, a creative, an entrepreneur, a boss or and everyday gal who wants to create a life by design? 

WE WANT YOU to be a part of our amazing Launch Gal conference!

The only decision left is, to be a VIP or not to be a VIP?

Written by Daniella Libri
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