5 Ways to Get Your Boss to Pay for an Event

5 Ways to Get Your Boss to Pay for an Event

Important update: The Launch Gal’s are ramping up to grace Sydney with it’s presence and we wanna show you that we’ve got your back!

So you’ve been dreaming about this event, drooling over it’s goodie bags, motivated by the line-up and inspired by the the kick-ass insta feed you know you will have… BUT you’re strapped for cash and it requires a day off work.

Yep, crisis!

Now you gotta think smart: how can you get your boss to give you a snow day AND foot the bill? Well, we’re gonna tell you how! Here are four reasons that will totally get your Boss Lady (or Man!) to send you to S-Y-D-N-E-Y.


1. Ask yourself the Q’s before they do!

I know, I know -  you’re still thinking about the speakers, the fellow attendees, the really cool selfie spots and hella amounts of fun you are going to have. And, the fact that you might get a day out of the office! Here’s what you have to realise though, you’re boss ain’t thinking about ANY of that.

Which means you have to take a few moments and think about the bigger picture. Ask yourself, why do I really want to go? What am I personally going to get out of it? Then once you’ve found your answers and justified them enough to pitch your boss, make sure you go over the other details. What are the dates? Where is it? Will I need to fly? Check plane ticket prices. Will I need accomodation? How much are the tickets? Give your boss pricing options.

Oh and make sure you’re not missing anything too major at work, it’s important that you really consider all the details before you approach them, that way you can pitch with confidence! Which brings me too...


Confidence, confidence, CONFETTI-DANCE!

That ‘personal development stuff’ that the company insists on - well this is it! Some companies actually have an entire budget that is allocated to job-specific trainings, advancement and yes, personal development! All of these are essential to furthering your career and ensuring your own success (hello confidence!).

It’s also a way to stay energised, motivated and it’ll put you on track to dive back into your work with a positive mindset (cue confetti dance!)


Don’t avoid the ROI talk

You will impress your boss more (and more likely close the deal), IF you can promise a return of investment. So pitch with a purpose, don’t just think about you, think about what you will gain and then be able to utilise for the company’s benefit! Can you educate your team members about what you learnt? Maybe put on a presentation or workshop? Will you be able to take on a new role afterwards? Will your attendance in any way promote your company (or can it?) This is all where your research comes in - just remember to show them the value and back it up with promised results.


Play the marriage card!

Imagine your boss as one of those overly excited housewives who are way too keen for their kids to bring home a significant other, especially with some bacon in tow.

So consider that this particular event may have potential clients or customers that your boss would benefit from. A conference is a great way to get your foot in the door. You can always delete an email and ignore a voicemail, but once you’re introduced, social etiquette requires niceties and considerations. Which is why knowing who is going, or who could be going is a great way to relay the benefits to your boss and potentially aligning your company with a BIG client or contact. Because you never know who you might connect with when you’re in line waiting for a cuppa or cocktail!


Experience beyond the office

These days most jobs are spent sitting behind a desk. We only have to email, call or Zoom conferencing clients, no more wining and dining to close a client or present samples - because who has time for that? Very little happens outside the office, which means that we’re losing certain skills that only happen one-on-one and in person with clients and industry friends. Relay this to your boss and stress the importance of practical application. The simple act of shaking hands and introducing yourself with confidence is one of the most valuable skills to have.

So what are you waiting for? Start pitching and get your TLG tickets here. 

Written by Kira Hyde