Curate and Style your Life and Wardrobe with Jessica Ryan

Jessica Ryan - The Launch Gals
Jessica Ryan - The Launch Gals
Jessica Ryan - The Launch Gals

" I am so passionate about helping women with the real struggle of losing themself, and how meaningful it can be to reconnect with yourself through fashion"

- Jessica Ryan

Jessica Ryan - The Launch Gals

Q&A: Curate and Style your Life and Wardrobe with Jessica Ryan

Jessica Ryan is a mumma, a biz owner and a fashion guru who is all about curating your style with authenticity. She talks about losing her identity after becoming a mum, finding it again, chasing her passions and helping other women do the same. 


Q: You have had a whirlwind of a journey when it comes to fashion. From your experience in district retail management, to diving into the minimalist style movement, to becoming a mum, losing your personal style identity, then reinventing yourself by pursuing your passion and enrolling in one of the best fashion institution in the country, would you say that along the way you’ve managed to find your style, your purpose and your identity?

A: Oh wow what a question! I can definitely say I’ve found my purpose and my identity. I am so passionate about helping women with the real struggle of losing themself, and how meaningful it can be to reconnect with yourself through fashion. I always knew I wanted to do something with my life that involved real human connectedness. I never thought I’d be able to mix fashion with these sentiments but through following my passion the two have just collided and it’s so unique and amazing. I’m so lucky to be helping women and to do what I do for a living.

Have I managed to find my style? I’m still experimenting. I like to think that we’ve never ever found out best style. It’s ever evolving.  I’d be pretty sad to think that I’m destined to wear the same outfits for the rest of my life. Life is ever changing and so is our style to reflect where we’re at. I am loving my wardrobe at the moment though!


Q: It’s crazy how life turns out, you’re a mumma with another bub on the way, and you own your own business that is blooming. Can you tell us about Curate & Style and what it means to you on a personal level?

A: Curate and Style is a representation of who I am. I am not one to sit still. I make things happen. I go and get life. To me it represents the my my commitment to do something really meaningful, significant and beautiful with my life.

It took a seemingly frustrating and unplanned series of circumstances for Curate & Style to be born. It’s a real example that everything happens for a reason and if you stay true to your purpose, it’s incredible where life will take you.


Q: As a mother who is chasing your passions and creating a life for yourself on your own terms, can you share some of the struggles you face daily and how do you work through them?

A: My daily struggles are missing my daughter. The mum guilt of working too much. Pushing myself too much. Overcommitting. And the house being an absolute mess (it’s so bad!).

When you set out with a side hustle, a real burning passion, it seems like a great idea to create a business that works around your family and life. At first you’re happy to tap away at the computer of an evening and whilst baby naps.

But when business becomes successful it’s no longer realistic. Nothing else can get done around the house or in life when you use your down time to work. It’s not fair on clients to make yourself available on such slim terms.

For me it’s about deciding how much I’m willing to work & how much time with my daughter I’m willing to share with other carers to build a business based on passion (and make some income for my family). From time to time I’ve pushed myself for the sake of good customer service but I’m learning to keep my boundaries. I focus on sticking to the intentions I set in the very beginning.

I actually don’t work to business or financial goals. I started out not with a goal to be financially successful but to do something significant and “see what happens”. I’m so blessed that Curate and Style has been successful and if I started to work towards bigger financial goals, the chase could get so addictive and I could see how easy it is to lose balance. I don’t want to fall into the trap of working for the next household purchase. I work by heart and passion and try to stay level headed and slow down when needed. It’s not easy!


Q: As a stylist one of the main things you work on with each client is making sure that the outer you reflects the inner you inside, in your experience is this process the same for every person you work with?

A: The process I follow is almost exactly the same for each client.

For me to ensure I’m accurately defining a clients needs and style, I follow a really well tried and tested method of questioning, LISTENING, understanding and various activities to draw out exactly what the client and I need.

The questions are always the same, but it’s the responses, the stories and the beautiful journeys that are all so unique and different.

What I do allows the client to have time and a genuine, comforting and listening ear to open up about things that go unspoken and release some things that have often been pent up for a very long time.

I call it glitter dust when a clients’ unique story collides with my advice and expertise. It’s actually beautiful and transformational!

Q:One of the things that I love about you is that you always take everything back to being authentic, whether it’s being yourself or knowing your style. What is your secret to being consistently authentic?

A: Being authentic, to me, is the willingness to be vulnerable & put yourself out there. When Curate & Style was born I had a choice. I could be scared and do a half-arsed  secret job. Or I could be bold, and put myself out there, unashamedly for the world to see. You don’t need to put yourself of a platform to be authentic, but be truly YOU, and be willing to be a little vulnerable when you speak and go about your day. It’s scary, but it’s amazing where life takes you when you’re open and willing!


Q: The Launch Gals is a movement that encourages women who want more, to find it or create it for themselves, what would you say to the women who may be scared to take that next step?

A: Something really beautiful happens when you live in line with your passion. It’s like a state of flow in your life. It’s incredible what doors and opportunities open up when you’re willing to put yourself out there and have the courage to ask for your dreams.  

It starts with believing in yourself. Start now. Start with something small. Start tapping away at your dream. Just by starting small you’ll find yourself in that place of flow and something BIG will come.

Be willing to work hard and do what others will consider as crazy to achieve what you want. It will never feel crazy or ridiculous to you. Life will give you what you’re ready for if you ask. Only you need to know wholeheartedly what you’re trying to achieve. The rest will come.



Just for a bit of fun!

Q: When I face a big challenge…

A: Breathe deeply, consider the bigger picture and when it comes down to it make the best decision for me.

Q: The most courageous thing I’ve ever done as a woman is…

A: Start my business Curate & Style!

Q: The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is…

A: Failure is not the end of the road. Nor should it be feared. It’s merely the beginning of you being someone better than you were yesterday. It’s the representation of you being someone willing to go where others aren’t.  

Q: My BGP (best gal pal!) would describe me as…

A: Kind, inspiring and always there to sort out a pickle.

Q: My favorite girl crush is… because…

A: At the moment I’d have to say lauren Di Bartolo. She’s the founder and lead trainer of the Australian Style institute and an absolute powerhouse. She’s been a huge inspiration to me.

Q: My go-to beverage order is…

A: A small long black.. With cold water so I can actually drink it within the hour. If I wasn’t pregnant it would be a glass of champagne!

Q: One book I’ve read that I’ve considered life changing is…

A: The Power of Now

Q: My favorite quote is…

A: "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away" - WILLIAM SHAKESPEAR

Interview by Kira Hyde