But First, Tea with Sherstin Luppi

Sherstin Luppi - The Launch Gals Q&A
Sherstin Luppi - The Launch Gals Q&A
Sherstin Luppi - The Launch Gals Q&A

"My tea is my meditation and therapy all in one cup! It allows me to have time to myself to process, evaluate and progress!" - Sherstin Luppi

Sherstin Luppi - The Launch Gals Q&A

Q&A: But First, Tea with Sherstin Luppi

Sherstin is a real life TEA addict who works continuously to bring only the best of everything tea related to the world. She talks about the importance of recognising that taking time for tea, is so much more than just a simple cuppa.


Q: Sherstin, you are on a mission to reinvigorate the love of the humble cuppa through your online tea directory, ‘But first, Tea’. Tell us all about it!

A: Well this is my little passion project and in case you can’t tell already by the hundreds of Tea pictures… I’m obsessed with tea. So, in short, I wanted to spread the love with everyone and create a one stop shop, for all things Tea. On my directory you will find everything you love about tea.. where to buy the best tea, tea accessories, some fantastic places to drink tea and much more. Tea to me stands for so much more than a cuppa, so I intend to expand that love as much as I can.


Q: What is it about making time for tea that warms your heart?

A: To be honest, it’s the peace and quiet that accompanies it. My family is trained to know that when I’m drinking my cuppa, to leave me alone - in the nicest possible way haha. In the morning it’s the first thing I do and at night it’s the last thing I do. My tea is my meditation and therapy all in one cup! It allows me to have time to myself to process, evaluate and progress!


Q: You have a really strong online community of tea lovers, were you expecting such a fast growing, positive response when you began your journey?

A: Not at all! I love tea, so naturally I post about it daily. Eventually 1000 followers turned into 5000, then 5000 into 20,000 and at that point I felt a healthy obligation to keep my tribe happy so asked them what they wanted. I gave a few options and the overwhelming response was to create a directory about all things tea. I think it’s because of the strong foothold I had on the industry already. So, I did just that and I love it. Now I continue to maneuver around what our followers want. After all, they are my tribe and they take tea as seriously as I do, so I can’t let them down.



Q: How do you find juggling your full time career with building this wonderful platform?

A: I have this crazy idea in my head about what I want to achieve by the time I’m 30 and one of those things #cornyiknow is to do what I love for work! Life is short… seriously short! Why waste it doing something you’re not truly passionate about?! This carrot called the end goal, makes the late nights & the early mornings worth it and furthermore, has taught me that it’s all about quality not necessarily quantity!


Q: Do you have any daily habits or practices that you do to keep your motivation up?

A: I walk my 2 gorgeous Kelpies every morning at about 5:30 am to keep me motivated about the day to come. As hard as it is to wake up, when you get home after an hour of fresh air and exercise, the rest of the day just seems to fall into place.


Q: You also encourage everyone to support small and local business in their search for quality tea and tea services, can you tell us the importance of this to you?   

A: Absolutely. This one is a little personal and has 2 parts!

The first part is that I have a gut disorder that in short, is affected greatly by all things artificial and chemically enhanced. Due to this I have been forced to watch every little thing I put in my mouth to avoid a flare up. To my surprise, this even included tea.

Which brings me to the second part. You see, to preserve tea to ensure long shelf life, you will find some of the process is cut out and replaced with ‘artificial sweeteners and flavours’. This not only takes away the traditional taste, but severely affects the authentic tea farms, their processes and thus their livelihood.

Support local, support traditional, support real.


Just for a bit of fun!

Q: When I face a big challenge…

A: Always overreact to start with. Then either go for a walk with my dogs or go for a drive in the car with my music blaring. I process, create a plan and dive straight into the challenge head down bum up! Is there any other way?


Q: The most courageous thing I’ve ever done as a woman is…

A: Take on 2 step kids as my own wholeheartedly. It challenges me daily, but each day, I am beyond grateful for those 2 little blessings.


Q: The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is…

A: From my dad! I don’t know if it’s advice but it always stays in my mind and motivates me. He always says, “Do today what tomorrow you will be grateful for”. It’s a challenge to myself to be bold and brave!


Q: My BGP (best gal pal!) would describe me as…

A: A bull at a gate 😊

Q: My favorite girl crush is… because…

A: Megan Markle – well, dur… look at her! #gorgeous

Q: My go-to beverage order is…

A: Second to tea of course, it would have to be a cheeky glass of Shiraz!

Q: One book I’ve read that I’ve considered life changing is…

A: BareFoot Investor by Scott Pape.

Q: My favorite quote is…

A: Don’t fear dying, fear not living…

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Interview by Daniella Libri