Why You Need A Content Calendar

Article written by Kira Hyde, Brand Strategist and Designer, and co-founder of The Launch Gals. Photography by Brooke Lark

Article written by Kira Hyde, Brand Strategist and Designer, and co-founder of The Launch Gals.
Photography by Brooke Lark

Knowing how to manage every aspect of your business is essential to a successful life as an entrepreneur. That doesn't mean you have to drive yourself crazy trying to keep up with everything. While I've found that I can divvy out my workload to my team, when it comes to content creation, it's the one thing I can't let go of. So, in order to keep up with the demands of my social media, I have use strategies to systemise my process. However, in this article I want to share one of my favourite ways to systemise - a content calendar! 

No longer will you be stressing to come up with your next blog post, or driving yourself mad by forgetting to post on instagram three days in a row! By using a content calendar you will be your most organised self. 

So, what is a content calendar?

A content calendar is best describer as an actual calendar of what you're going to post (on a blog or on social media), when you're going to post it and even where it will posted.  

It will literally have the title and possibly a brief description of the topic, as well as the exact date and time it will be available live. 

You can have a calendar for many different purposes. I use a content calendar for posting to social media and the blog, as well as my client work that is due so I can truly plan ahead. 

Why do you need a content calendar?


Owning a business is like having a baby. No longer can you have guilt-free Netflix binges in the middle of a weekday, or surprise holidays to some tropical escape.  (Well, you can IF you manage to systemise your baby.. ahem.. biz effectively!) But the point is, your time is valuable, and what's valuable needs to be conserved. Which is why, we need to work very hard across every area of our businesses in order to manage our time effectively.


Knowing what to post and when to post cuts out all the time spent staring at a blank screen, and it actually give you the push you need to start writing! I cannot even tell you how many times I used to sit there staring at my keypad with no idea what to write. Take it from someone who has had a blog since they were thirteen years old, that extra bit of motivation is priceless! So let your calendar take the decisions away from you, and use it to encourage action and get those creative juices flowing. 


More often than not we create 'what we feel like creating', which typically means we do it with ourselves in mind and not necessarily our audience. As a rule, your content calendar should have all the essential dates and holidays that your business needs to be aware of. This is how you can decide what to post and why. For example, if Cyber Monday is coming up, you'll know to post high-value content AND offers or discounts for your online audience. There is nothing worse than being the ONLY business not making the most of the special holidays and events to generate more leads and sales. 


When you take the guessing game out of content production, it allows you to focus on the task in front of you. You can plan your week accordingly to allow time for research and prep, as well as writing time. This means that you will stop dreading the day-before-deadline rush, and you can take the time to actually create quality content. 


You may not realise it, but your audience does pay attention. They notice when you post and when you don't post. Just because you're not getting engagement through comments and likes, doesn't mean people aren't seeing what you're sharing. Most of your audience will be a silent audience, that's why consistency is important as it builds your know, like and trust factor. Once you have a consistent posting schedule, your audience will begin to value you and your brand.  This is essential to building your engagement and maintaining your committed followers. 

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Written by Kira Hyde
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