Hey Creative Gal, we see you!

You the hustler, the entrepreneur, the go-getter, the never-sitting-still, always on the go gal. You move quick, you think big, and you’ve always got projects on the go.

You’re a learnaholic, investing into courses, programs and self betterment to help you achieve your dreams.

You love Jenna Kutcher, Gary Vee, Marie Forleo and always have your eye on the movers and shakers of the world.

You work fast, but you often dive deep before seeing the whole picture. You get over excited and forget the whole ‘marketing’ part of the process.

You love creating, producing and learning new things, but making money has always been an issue.


You deep dive, you put your whole heart and soul into things before knowing it’s viable.

You’re really hard on yourself and although you’re committed, you sometimes wonder whether the ‘entrepreneurial’ thing is for you. You’re a mix of sensitive and stubborn, so it’s hard for you to both take criticism and ask for help.

You’re a fighter, and although you’re a little exhausted by the setbacks, you’re not one to give up. You’ll keep trying new things and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone which is something everyone around you admires.


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So creative gal, we’ve got your back!

We know you’re a hustler at heart who needs help honing your ideas.

You often let emotion drive your choices and don’t consider the whole picture. If somethings not working, you automatically assume it’s your talent, but we want you to think strategically. We want you to combine your creative energy, with entrepreneurial savvy.

It’s probably a hard thing to hear, but slow down. We want you to start at the end - think about your goal, your vision or your purpose for being in biz, then work your way backwards.

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Keep your eyes on your inbox, we’ll be sending you some amazing resources to keep you connected, funded and living your most free experience gal life.