Hey Dream Gal, we see you!

You the visionary, the imaganeer, the ever optimistic, romantic, dreamer. You’re an ideation machine and you’re always your friends and families biggest support. 

You’re a Pinterest loving, goal-setting queen who surrounds herself with inspiration and motivation.

You’re not living your true passion, but you’ve made plans to change that and then…

Something happens.

You’re creative and talented, lending a helping hand to anyone who needs it, but you often feel the support isn’t reciprocated.

You value artistic integrity, creative freedom, compassion and connection, but you’ve always been a slow starter.

You see everyone around you smashing their goals, or taking the leap and you’re genuinely happy for them, but you’ve convinced yourself that it’s not your time.

You have a to-do-list that get’s bigger and bigger and your dream seems further and further away.


Want to hang out with your fellow launch gals?

We have a bunch of events throughout the year where you can be supported, valued and have a kick-ass time with  women who are just like you!

Next stop: SYDNEY, Australia. So, will you join us?

So dream gal, we’ve got some tough love for you, because we want you to finally launch!

You are so talented, in fact, talent and creativity has nothing to do with why you’re not reaching your goals - you need to take action!

Dreaming and wishing isn’t enough. We know you’re scared, but life’s too short to let it pass you buy. Don’t hide behind being a perfectionist and no more excuses! Here’s your new mantra.

Think. Do. Ask for help.    

No more planning, no more waiting, if you think it, do it and then ask for help. Don’t be scared to make mistakes, in fact - we challenge you to fail! We know this is probably your biggest fear, but you have fall to fly! Try, try, try! Do, do, do, do!

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