Hey Empire Gal, we see you!

You the manifestor, the goal kicker, the knows ‘exactly’ what she wants, and you’ll have to check my schedule gal. You don’t just have a successful business, you have an empire.

You’re across everything; your numbers, your production, your sales funnels, your socials and although you have no problem investing in experts to support and grow your business; you haven’t taken the leap and built a full time team.

You find it hard to let go and worry someone else won’t achieve the same results as you. You find yourself constantly turning down social events and even when you do take time ‘out’ you’re always checking emails and find it hard to be present.

You tell yourself “there’ll be time later,” or “my friends/family just don’t understand,” and you find


yourself on the outer a little because you’re so focused on work.

You think relaxing is a glass of wine, Netflix and a spreadsheet – which is okay some of the time, but you can never really switch off. You’re brains always firing, your adrenaline always pumping and you find it hard to truly tune into a moment, or a person and connect.

You know deep down it’s not ‘that healthy’ but you’re so scared to let things slip and lose everything you’ve built.


Want to hang out with your fellow launch gals?

We have a bunch of events throughout the year where you can be supported, valued and have a kick-ass time with  women who are just like you!

Next stop: SYDNEY, Australia. So, will you join us?

So Empire gal, we want you to know how amazing you are!

You need to know that you are worthy, loved and valued regardless of your success. You are truly an inspiration for all the girlbossess out, but without your own health and wellbeing - it’s not sustainable.

You’ve lost a little of that magic, the passion and wonder that made you start in the first place. It’s time to re-evaluate. It’s time to take the biz hat off for a second; and think about what you love in life. Is your business supporting you to do more of what you love?

Are you happy? Are you healthy? Are you finding time in your day to enjoy all the success you’ve built? It’s probably a hard thing to hear, but without you, you’re business stops existing - so learn to take care of yourself!

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