The Launch Gals are headed to Melbourne on November 3rd, 2018.  Join us for a one-day event filled with speakers, storytelling, delicious food and a glass of bubbly! 

This is our founding Melbourne event and believe us - it is not to be missed! We are starting small but impacting BIG. You will get to be a part of making this event what it's going to become. Collectively, we will be motivating, inspiring and elevating each other to create the life and career of our dreams. 

We're going to do this through story telling - whether it be the stories from the speakers, or your stories that you'll share on the day. We'll be talking openly and honestly about all things  mindset, entrepreneurship, freedom lifestyle and business. We'll be covering it ALL in our one day life-changing event. 

So who is this for? Whether you have a business, you are dreaming of starting one or you are somewhere in between, TLG is for YOU. Come alone or with a friend and meet like minded women who are passionate about taking charge of their own lives, in their own way!

If you want to be a part of something BIG then join us in Melbourne. 

The Launch Gals Melbourne Venue 2018 - The Vincent

THE Vincent

111 Victoria Avenue, albert Park 

VIC, Australia 3206

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Will you join us?

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Ina Odak - Founder of Work Life Mama

Say hi to Ina, the down to earth and thought provoking gal behind the Work Life Mama brand. Ina is all about educating and empowering women in all aspects of their life. From work to motherhood, Ina is not scared to speak about the specific ways to manage your time while still putting yourself first. It’s all about mindset and understanding that absolutely anything is possible!

How can this help you:

If you are an entrepreneurial-minded Mother, changing careers, transitioning into your side-hustle or feeling super overwhelmed in the chaos that is life, this is for you! Ina will share her wisdom on the subject, while giving you practical ways to manage it all. It will be eye opening and super reflective. Definitely not one to be missed.

Oh and want to ask her something in particular - perfect! Ina will be with us all day so there will be ample time to network and ask any burning questions.

Kayla Houlihan

Kayla Houlihan - Founder of Tribe Skincare

Meet Kayla, the bubbly and inspiring founder of one of the fastest growing skincare labels in Australia. In under 9 months, Kayla grew her business and brand from start up phase, to a thriving company.

Hear all about her journey, the good, the bad and the challenges that come along with a fast growing brand and learn her SPECIFIC social media marketing strategies that helped Tribe Skincare explode.

How can this help you:

If you have a business or brand baby, this is FOR YOU. It is not often that successful brands share their marketing strategies (the ones that actually work!). So for Kayla to open up about the ones that worked for Tribe, you know we are in for something special. We can guarantee that the value you will walk away with from her strategies, will be so so worth it!

Oh and want to ask her something in particular - perfect! Kayla will be with us all day so there will be ample time to network and ask any burning questions.

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Daniella ELIAS - Founder of Amity Created & The Launch gals

Take a moment with Daniella, the mellow, tea obsessed gal behind Amity Created. As a massive self-care advocate, Daniella is all about educating women to understand that putting themselves first is NEVER selfish but necessary. She speaks about her transition from teaching to full time brand hustle, including all the lessons learnt along the way and provides specific strategies on how to inject mindfulness into your day.

How this can help you:

If you’ve put your self-care on the back burner or you’re are at a stage where you’ve forgotten your WHY, this is for you! As a teacher at heart, Daniella helps you re-ground yourself through practical activities and reflection work. She works with you one on one and provides space for you to give yourself permission to pause.

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Kira Hyde - Founder of KH Creative & The Launch Gals

Kira is the lip stick wearing red head with a passion for helping women launch their brands. She is the gal behind KH Creative a Brand Strategy & Design Studio and a big believer in following your passions and finding creative ways to monetise them. She’s all about creating enriched experience for her clients, and helping them do the same for theirs through savvy strategies and personal touches!

How this can help you:

If you are the kinda gal who is scared to take that next step by launching a business or tackling the next dream for your established biz, Kira is the go-to for solidifying your vision and setting the foundation. She will be available all day for 1:1 sessions during breaks and networking times to answer any questions and help you take that next step!

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