Hey Spirit Gal, we see you!

You’re the yoga babe, mindset queen, personal development maven; who values growth, connection and following your intuition-gal.  

You value balance, a holistic life and chasing your true bliss.

You’re not afraid to do the work, to dive deep and face the parts of yourself we often avoid. You put people at ease, they feel a sense of calm and openness around you and you’ve always had a gift for seeing the best in others.

You’re an empath and you tend to feel things quite intensely. You’re continually expanding your understanding of self and those around you and you feel a deep connection to nature, animals and you invest into health, wellbeing and prioritise selfcare.

You love retreats, workshops and all things self-help, but you never feel like the work is done.

You’re constantly absorbing new things and you pick up skills and concepts with ease, but where to from here?

You’re around amazing people who’ve turned their passions into careers, or have found ways to monetise and support their lifestyle, but you can’t picture how that would work for you.

You’re good at a lot of things, you love a lot of things, but you don’t know how, or even if you could make money from your passions.

You believe in growth, alignment and abundance - but you can’t implement it where you need it most.


Want to hang out with your fellow launch gals?

We have a bunch of events throughout the year where you can be supported, valued and have a kick-ass time with  women who are just like you!

Next stop: SYDNEY, Australia. So, will you join us?

So Spirit gal, it’s time to shake up some of those limiting beliefs around money and worth. 

You can find sustainable, ethical and thriving ways to make money. You have untapped potential and a special sauce that you shrug off as normal and we want to help you find it, nurture it, and turn it into something that sustains and supports you.

Maybe it’s time to finally become a wellness instructor, run yoga retreats, monetise that insane Instagram following or harness that love for personal development and become a coach. There are so many ways you can live a life of true alignment, including making money - so we want you to do one thing.

Out of all your passions, learnings, hobbies and self-development - what’s the one thing that lights you up like no other. Start with just one, one you could do everyday for the rest of your life. Write it down - now, and let’s start here.

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