The Launch Gals Committee
Kira Hyde - Co Founder of the Launch Gals

Kira Hyde

Hey there, I’m Kira! I’m the founder of TLG and a Brand Strategist & Designer who is passionate about helping women launch and uplevel in their life and career.

Jess Willman

Jess Willman

Hey, I’m Jess! I’m a Mindset & Confidence Coach for women. Well, that’s one of my titles! I’m also a mum, a student, a teacher, a member of The Launch Gals committee, and a woman passionate about learning and understanding how to live my best life and how to help others do the same.

I have been passionate about The Launch Gals from day dot… to be a part of a community that fully supports women, in all areas of life and all seasons of life is wonderful. I’m proud of the community we’ve built and are continuing to grow in Central Victoria. An all-inclusive community for all women, from all walks of life, with different businesses and careers.

The part I love most about The Launch Gals is the connections that are made. We’re seeing these leading to many collaborations, but even more importantly, to fast friendships. that’s the part that gives me the feels!

Marnie Hullin - The Launch Gals Committee

Marnie HUllin

I am a physiotherapist and yoga teacher. In early 2019 I launched my business Nurture - Physio Inspired Yoga.

I have a passion for helping people to feel great about themselves, through movement, mindfulness and taking time out for themselves - everyone can do with a little self-love!

I've experienced first hand what an amazingly generous, supportive and welcoming community TLG are, and I love that I get to give something back by being a part of TLG and helping others in their journey.

Bec Walker - The Launch Gals Committee

Bec Walker

Hey, I’m Bec. I’m a Money Coach (I hear your thoughts… what the hell is a money coach?). I am passionate about helping people to take control and become the boss of their money, so that they can live life on their terms. I do that by helping them create positive money habits coupled with the right financial strategies and mindset to support their journey.

When I first heard of The Launch Gals, this is really what drew me to the event. They were so focused on helping women that were ready for more so I knew that I had to be there. At that time, I too wanted more and I walked away from that event with fabulous connections and more of a sense of belonging in the Bendigo community.

The experience I had with The Launch Gals was so incredible, that when I had the opportunity to join the committee as the treasurer, I couldn’t say no to that opportunity. Not only would I get to do the geeky money stuff I love, I would also be a part of helping more Central Victorian women to experience the same things I did.