Daniella Libri - Co Founder of the Launch Gals

Daniella Libri Elias

Daniella is the Founder of Amity Created, is a true romantic and the epitome of a tea lover. When she is not designing teacups and sipping on Earl Grey, she is hanging out with the ever inspiring Launch Gal women.

Kira Hyde - Co Founder of the Launch Gals

Kira Hyde

Kira is an expert Brand Strategist & Designer who lives the ultimate laptop lifestyle. When she’s not travelling Europe and designing branding for savvy women in biz, she’s sipping chai with her fellow launch gals.


So, how did two Aussie gals living on the opposite side of the world, dream up The Launch Gals?


It was a relationship built on love at first cuppa tea. Kira adored Amity Created's tea cup and saucer range, and Daniella was inspired by Kira Hyde Creative's design portfolio. Needless to say, we knew we were going to become great friends.

From there our friendship was built over 1am (UK time) calls and Skype chats that were filled with flowing positivity, creativity and A LOT of tea consumption. 

We always knew we would collaborate on something important, we just didn't know what it was going to be and how it was going to work. Months later, Kira had a flight booked back to Australia, and despite owning our own businesses and living on opposite sides of the world, we knew it was officially time to start planning.

Almost a year into being digital gal pals, we FINALLY met. We booked a booth in the Swissotel Sydney lobby and sipped on tea all afternoon, it was truly one of those life changing days. 5 hours and a notepad full of scribbles later, we had turned our dream into a reality by locking in the perfect venue for our founding event and planning our entire vision for this online platform.

Everything literally fell into place - it was simply meant to be.