General Admission - Melbourne Event

General Admission - Melbourne Event


Melbourne 2018! Join us at The Launch Gals Melbourne where you'll get access to an inspirational and impactful one-day program of educational speeches, storytelling sessions, activities, great food, delicious bubbly, gift bags, and a whole lot more.


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Melbourne TLG
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DATE: Saturday 3rd of November, 2018

VENUE: The Vincent

LOCATION: 111 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park VIC 3206

TIME: 10am - 2pm

What does your ticket include?

  • A jam-packed day of story telling sessions and conversations with our launch gal leaders.

  • Access to conversations with all our speakers.

  • Lunch and treats!

  • Unlimited coffee and tea throughout the day.

  • A TLG Gift Bag with goodies from our partners & friends!

  • TLG Starter Kit with goodies, instructions and all the event details send straight to your inbox!

  • Access to our private Facebook group where you can connect with attendees pre & post event.

  • Tons of networking opportunities with like-minded women!

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Amity Created - The Launch Gals
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Who are TLG?

The Launch Gals are for the EVERY WOMAN!

It’s all about YOU!

Helping you LAUNCH into the next phase of your life, whatever that may be.

From business, to mindset and everything in between, we are a community of like-minded women. We create meaningful connections so that you can surround yourself with women who actually want to cheer you on!

If you are at a transitional stage of your life, you are building your business, juggling a million things, dreaming big or anything in between, we are here to guide you, encourage you and support you throughout your journey.

What are our events all about:

Our events are all about MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS, when you put yourself out of your comfort zone and you meet new, like minded people, you would be surprised at the positive growth that you can experience as an individual and the opportunities that come your way.

We also encourage STORYTELLING, why? Because there is a lesson in every single experience that we have in life, and you never know who you could influence with the journey that you have experienced.

Finally, we believe in ongoing LEARNING. Education allows us to expand our mind and gain the skills that we need to better ourselves, our business’, our families and our lives!

How do you know if you are a Launch Gal?

You are curious and not too sure, perhaps a little scared to ask: Am I a Launch Girl?

First of all, YES you are!

But what type of Launch Gal? Well that, only you can tell us.

So what do you need to do to find out?

Head over to and complete the quiz. At the very end you will see exactly what type of Launch Gal you are and learn how TLG fits for you.

Do people ever go to the Launch Gal events on their own?

Let’s talk about our events for a second. We often get the question ‘Do people ever go alone?’ and the answer to that is simple. ABSOLUTELY.

At our events, we are all about meaningful connections. The whole point is to step out of your comfort zone, meet NEW people and create positive relationships.

Think about all the times you stayed within your comfort zone, what did you achieve? Did you learn anything new? Did you grow as a person?

The answer is probably no.

The truth is, not much happens when we stay in our small circle of the familiar.

It isn’t until we reach out and try something new, that we grow as a individual and it’s then, that big opportunities appear.

SO, not only is the answer to the original question yeah, absolutely people come on their own, but also, we encourage it!

Go on, try something new!